SiteMonitor Lite vs Enterprise Features

The Lite and Enterprise versions although have the same use are totally different versions. The Lite is a Windows tray application meant for simple monitoring of a couple of sites with no reporting. SiteMonitor Enterprise runs as a Windows Service, has a configuration application and a Web interface to view the reports.

Feature Lite Enterprise
Check Website Yes Yes
Check Host Yes Yes
Check DNS No Yes
Check SMTP No Yes
Content Checking Yes Yes
Tray Application Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
SMS Yes* Yes
CSV Logs Yes Yes
Group Website/Hosts No Yes
Unlimited Hosts Yes* Yes
Windows Service No Yes
Web Interface No Yes
Access Control No Yes
Graphical Reports No Yes
Time interval for each website No Yes
Authentication (Username/Password) No Yes
20+ Websites No Yes (even 1000+)

* For SiteMonitor Lite feature is available by sending a €5 Donation using Paypal.