Why SiteMonitor

SiteMonitor is the cheapest way to monitor any web server or network host out there, and get a reliable service and up to date notifications on what is going on.

Many web site monitoring services require you to pay a monthly plan. With SiteMonitor you do not need any plans and you only require the initial cost, SiteMonitor Enterprise cost only €45 which includes free upgrades for the same version. Once this has been set up you can buy an SMS bundle from Clickatel or BudgetSMS which have very competitive rates. You can also opt for email notifications only.

Never under estimate the benefits of having a running monitor, constantly watching over your websites or hosts. Being notified is very important as it gives you time to react. So give SiteMonitor Enterprise a try, it’s free for 30 days.

SiteMonitor also enables you to monitor your intranet sites without leaking any data to the external world. Sometimes internal sites are made to be internal hence why monitoring information should not be sent outside of the network. SiteMonitor Enterprise enables you to do this.