Uptime is important and with SiteMonitor you ensure that you are alerted as soon as your website or host goes down.
SiteMonitor SiteMonitor will monitor your websites/hosts at regular intervals and notifies you when something happens. SiteMonitor not only checks at tixed timed intervals that your website or host is still functioning correctly, but it will also ensure that the content is correct. Activity is logged to a log file for future reference. With the response graphs you can easily see the server uptime. This is the no. 1 tool a web administrator needs.

You can use SiteMonitor not only to monitor your website but also servers which have a Web Interface such as Microsoft Exchange Servers, other mail servers, routers, appliances and more.

Two editions are available for the simple and complex enviroments:

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SiteMonitor Features

  • Ping Web Site (http/https)
  • Ping Host (ICMP Ping)
  • Check DNS
  • Check that returned content is correct
  • Minimise to Tray
  • Launch on Windows Startup
  • Checks if Internet Connection is available
  • Send email notification on failure (using SMTP or GMail/Google)
  • Send SMS Messages using Clickatell or BudgetSMS *
  • Response Graphs


SiteMonitor Enterprise DashboardSiteMonitor web dashboard gives you a quick overview and alert you of any problems.


SiteMonitor Enterprise GraphSiteMonitor can generate Reports using it's built in Reporting Engine, including status reports, response time reports and history failed/ok reports.


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SiteMonitor Enterprise
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Version 3.02 Scalable website/host monitoring running from Windows service more...


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